Tuesday, April 5, 2016

“This past weekend, @bdentonphoto traveled to Palmyra,...

"This past weekend, @bdentonphoto traveled to Palmyra, Syria, to see what remained of its archaeological treasures after almost a year of ISIS control. He joined a group of Hezbollah militiamen, who were eager to show that their group had helped rescue Palmyra, a site important to world heritage. "Where Palmyra's impressive Temple of Bel once stood, only a single stone archway was left to frame a rectangle of blue sky above the arid desert about 160 miles northeast of Damascus, the capital," @bdentonphoto writes. He continues: "Amid the ruins, we heard repeated booms emanating from the city center, where plumes of smoke and dust rose into the desert sky. My Hezbollah escort and Syrian soldiers explained that explosive-disposal teams were clearing mines left behind by retreating Islamic State fighters." To see more photos from #Palmyra, visit the link in our profile." By nytimes on Instagram.

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