Monday, April 11, 2016

“Thodoris Trampas spends 8 hours a day casting, smashing...

"Thodoris Trampas spends 8 hours a day casting, smashing and recasting plaster at @thebenakimuseum in Athens. Nearby, another artist counts out loud in Greek all day, transforming herself into a human metronome. And a third chips away at a large boulder with an ax, before flinging plaster on top of it in a loop of destruction and creation. They are among 6 Greek artists toiling away in long-duration performances for "As One," a show that has drawn more than 22,000 visitors in its first 3 weeks — an impressive feat in a city not known for performance art. The intensity of the performances, as well as the artists' explorations of time, fear, entrapment, discomfort and control, seem to have struck a chord with Greeks as the country grapples with economic hardship and waves of migrants. @eirinivour took this photo of Thodoris performing "Pangaia" at @thebenakimuseum in Athens. "As One" runs until April 24." By nytimes on Instagram.

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