Friday, April 1, 2016

“"We fled a war, and now the European Union is making...

""We fled a war, and now the European Union is making war against us, a psychological war." Laila, 39, left her home in Syria alongside her sons, pictured here at the Idomeni refugee camp in Greece on Wednesday. One morning last spring at their home in northern Syria, the family heard shelling and knew the Islamic State had arrived. Laila — who wrote about their story for the @nytimes Opinion section — took her children and 2 bags and fled. Now refugees, the family is hoping to be let into Germany, where most of their family now lives. "Everyone in Idomeni just wants to go to their families; otherwise they would not have undertaken this dangerous journey," Laila wrote. The photographer @eirinivour took this picture of Laila, who is withholding her surname to avoid endangering her family." By nytimes on Instagram.

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