Friday, April 29, 2016

“What if giant fireflies flew in clusters of hundreds?...

"What if giant fireflies flew in clusters of hundreds? What if fireworks could change direction at will? What if the lights of the New York skyline suddenly took to the air? For 6 weekends, beginning next Thursday at the @bklynnavyyard, more than 2,000 #pigeons will put on an avian-powered light show. The performance, "Fly By Night," is artist @dukerileystudio's valentine to the city, its historic shoreline, its oft-maligned spirit animal and the vanishing world of rooftop pigeon fanciers. With the help of @creativetimenyc, @dukerileystudio spent about half a year assembling his performers. He uses a whistle and a long bamboo stick with a garbage-bag flag to help guide the trained pigeons — which fly with LED lights attached to their legs — in synchronized flight. When the piece is finished, he said, many of the #pigeons will go to "this guy Gil who lost his pigeons in a fire a few weeks ago in Bushwick." The photographer Byron Smith captured a practice flight by a cast of 700 on Saturday." By nytimes on Instagram.

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