Friday, April 15, 2016

“You could call @eckholm an unlikely bird-watcher. “I...

"You could call @eckholm an unlikely bird-watcher. "I haven't caught anyone snickering to my face, but my new hobby must seem improbable to my family, friends and colleagues," writes the the @nytimes national legal correspondent. "I'm a confirmed urbanite, and known as rather restless and impatient." But @eckholm started #birdwatching in what he calls "a very New York way," and he has kept at it. The reporter (and amateur bird photographer) searches for subjects in the Ramble or the North Woods of @centralparknyc, where he photographed this Cedar waxwing. "Comparable sights await in @prospect_park, in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens and in the parklands of Staten Island, not to mention the grounds of the @nybg in the Bronx," he writes. For @eckholm, birdwatching is both the ultimate in a cheap New York date and an alternative to yoga or meditation. Follow @eckholm to see more of his photos. #cedarwaxwing #🐦" By nytimes on Instagram.

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