Monday, May 30, 2016

“A boy climbed the rocks at "The Chains,” a...

"A boy climbed the rocks at "The Chains," a beach area in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area along Lake Powell, the second-largest reserve of water in the U.S. This #MemorialDay, we're sharing photos from a #roadtrip the photographer @canepari_til_i_die took while on #nytassignment this month. Last year, Americans drove a record 3.15 trillion miles, beating the previous mark set in 2007. And so far this year, travel and gasoline consumption are up again. This #MemorialDayWeekend, AAA estimates that 34 million Americans will take road trips of 50 miles or more. That said, @canepari_til_i_die couldn't believe how many of his fellow travelers weren't American. "The Great American Road trip is not just for Americans," he said last week. More photos from @canepari_til_i_die's travels will be published soon on" By nytimes on Instagram.

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