Saturday, May 7, 2016

“Amanda Batista Robaina, 16, during a class at the...

"Amanda Batista Robaina, 16, during a class at the National School of Dance in Havana, part of the National Arts Schools, an avant-garde architectural project conceived not long after the 1959 Cuban Revolution but never completed. The dance taught there — "técnica cubana," a hybrid of American modern dance with ballet and Cuban tradition, both Spanish and African — comes from that time as well. Técnica cubana is an under-recognized invention, but it can seem rather like the 1950s Chevys famously still cruising Cuba's streets: gorgeous, miraculously maintained, and way behind the times. However, as Cuban-American barriers tumble, Cuban dance companies are performing in New York, working with American choreographers and anticipating change. @lisettepoole took this photo of Amanda while on assignment in Havana." By nytimes on Instagram.

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