Tuesday, May 10, 2016

“As delicious as homemade #granola tastes, it often lacks...

"As delicious as homemade #granola tastes, it often lacks the thick, crunchy clusters found in store-bought versions. This coconut almond cluster granola — filled with crisp, sweet clumps of oats, coconut flakes and seeds — is an exception, @nytfood writer @clarkbar says. The secret is grinding a portion of the oats and coconut into flour, which helps bind the ingredients together. "Granola is adaptable, so make it the way you like it," @clarkbar writes. You'll end up with a clustery granola that has a deep coconut-spice flavor and a light, crunchy and delightfully clumpy texture. Visit the link in our profile to find the recipe for this #homemade granola, which was photographed by @andrewscrivani." By nytimes on Instagram.

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