Sunday, May 15, 2016

“As #marathon times become faster and faster, most sports...

"As #marathon times become faster and faster, most sports scientists believe a 2-hour marathon is a matter of when, not if. Since 1998, the world record has dropped by 3 minutes 8 seconds. The current record, 2 hours 2 minutes 57 seconds, was set in 2014. A group of scientists is using data to confront habit, tradition, consensus. They want to tailor training programs to individuals, employing science to help runners from Ethiopia and Kenya and elsewhere using little science. They want to challenge everything people thought they knew about distance running — how to train and even whether to wear shoes. @urielsinai photographed a group of locals watching athletes warm up before a half marathon in Sebeta, Ethiopia. Visit the link in our profile to read about one man's quest to train a marathoner to break the 2-hour barrier. #nytweekender" By nytimes on Instagram.

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