Thursday, May 12, 2016

“Claustrophobes, beware: This maze at the...

"Claustrophobes, beware: This maze at the @gagosiangallery's West 21st Street location in Manhattan is not for the faint of heart. The gallery is showing a sculpture by the 76-year-old artist Richard Serra, who @nytimes critic Ken Johnson calls "today's greatest living sculptor of Minimalist abstraction." The piece, "NJ-1" (2015)," is a single, grand example of the artist's mazes made from immense ribbons of rolled steel. It looks like a big tent whose nearly 14-foot-high sides seem to be made of burnt-orange velvet. (In fact, it's made of rusted steel.) "This is sculpture not just as an interesting object to look at but as an engulfing experience," Ken writes. "Moving through the construction, you become acutely attuned to sight, touch and sound and to your own being in time and space." The photographer Philip Greenberg made his way through the maze while on #nytassignment. (2016 Richard Serra/Artists Rights Society, New York)" By nytimes on Instagram.

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