Tuesday, May 10, 2016

“@deathunderglass is taking over the@muttermuseum...

"@deathunderglass is taking over the@muttermuseum @instagram account this week to showcase some of the specimens in the museum collection related to forensic science! @deathunderglass is a collaboration between a forensic pathologist and forensic photographer that generates images of human tissue at high magnification.
Although much has changed in the last 150 years in the world of forensic pathology - fingerprints and DNA analysis come to mind - the process of taking apart a human body with the help of a few tools is pretty much like it always was, except we now use a vibrating saw to cut through bone. Many of the tools in this case, which is part of the collection at the @muttermuseum, look awfully familiar; from the bottom, working upwards: bone snips; hammer and hook for removing the top of the skull after sawing; scissors; enterotomy scissors for opening the intestine lengthwise (see how one blade has a nose-like projection? That straightens out the bowel as you cut); metal probe; large saw; and on the top of the case, various forceps and scalpel handles. Photo by @nikkijohnson.

One of the pitfalls of being a forensic scientist is that one occasionally forgets that many people don't think the same way you might. Several years ago, shortly after finding out my profession, a friend of a friend jokingly asked me how long it would take to dismember a body. Distracted, I answered truthfully: "With what? A scalpel - a few hours. With power tools, 20 minutes." Not coincidentally, that was the last time they spoke to me all evening… #forensic #pathology #deathunderglass #muttermuseum #IGtakeover #autopsy #tools #forensicpathologistproblems" By muttermuseum on Instagram.

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