Thursday, May 12, 2016

“@deathunderglass is taking over the@muttermuseum...

"@deathunderglass is taking over the@muttermuseum @instagram account this week to showcase some of the specimens in the museum collection related to forensic science! @deathunderglass is a collaboration between a forensic pathologist and forensic photographer that generates images of human tissue at high magnification.

This is a preserved, vintage specimen of a human bladder that has been perforated by a bullet. Note the rod running diagonally through the bladder walls to show the path of the projectile. (The anterior wall has been opened vertically so that the wound track is clearly visible.) There's no way to know if the bullet remained in the body after blowing through both bladder walls. But if it did, there's an old saying in forensic pathology: you never bury a bullet. If you've got one somewhere inside your person, old or new, and you pass through the medical examiner's office on your way to the next life, you'll be doing so projectile-free. Photo by @nikkijohnson.

#forensic #pathology #deathunderglass #muttermuseum #IGtakeover #bladder #bullet #nobulletsinheaven" By muttermuseum on Instagram.

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