Friday, May 13, 2016

“@deathunderglass is taking over the@muttermuseum...

"@deathunderglass is taking over the@muttermuseum @instagram account this week to showcase some of the specimens in the museum collection related to forensic science! @deathunderglass is a collaboration between a forensic pathologist and forensic photographer that generates images of human tissue at high magnification.
Among the specimens in the @muttermuseum is this human skull with a perforating gunshot wound. This is the exit wound. How can you tell? Gunshot wounds that pass through bone (particularly the skull) often form a cone shape within the bone itself, called beveling. This is external beveling, because the rule of thumb is that the cone widens in the direction the bullet is traveling. You would think that distinguishing entrance from exit wounds would be easy, but so often it's not. Sometimes bullets pass through inanimate objects (a car door, a window, something in the decedent's pocket), or even other body parts before entering the body, deforming the bullet and making an entrance wound difficult to definitively identify. But the interpretation of beveling is a well-accepted and reliable way to determine the directionality of a bullet. Photo by @nikkijohnson.

#forensic #pathology #deathunderglass #muttermuseum #IGtakeover #gunshotwound #beveling" By muttermuseum on Instagram.

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