Friday, May 27, 2016

“Fleet Week was once a time when sailors would blow off...

"Fleet Week was once a time when sailors would blow off steam in New York City after a long stint at sea. Alcohol-soaked parties and missions to meet women were not uncommon. Now in its 28th year, #FleetWeek has evolved. Sure, a little alcohol may still be involved. But many of this year's festivities, which include band and drill team performances, search-and-rescue demonstrations and daily public tours of the docked ships, have been organized to offer New Yorkers the chance to meet these 4,500 visiting members of the @usnavy, @marines and @uscg. The @nytimes staff photographer @damonwinter took this photo of sailors walking on 42nd Street in Manhattan against a backdrop that harkens back to an earlier era of #TimesSquare while on #nytassignment yesterday. Fleet Week runs through Tuesday. #⚓" By nytimes on Instagram.

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