Friday, May 13, 2016

““Friday the 13th Brings its Full Share of Disappointment...

""Friday the 13th Brings its Full Share of Disappointment and Bad Luck to Bronx Denizen," read a @nytimes headline in July 1934. It was, the report concluded, "the unhappiest day Peter the Great, a hippopotamus, has ever spent at the Bronx Zoo." Although #Fridaythe13th was Peter's 31st birthday, the hefty hippo wasn't offered a slice of his own birthday cake. The sunny weather didn't please him either, @nytimes reported — Peter preferred rain. But perhaps the ominous date wasn't to blame for Peter's lack of enthusiasm. @nytimes covered his @bronxzoo birthday parties many times over his years. In 1929: "Clogged Drain Pipes Ruin Hippo's Birthday." In 1936: "Birthday is Cakeless for Peter of the Zoo." And in 1937, when a @nytimes photographer took this picture of Peter feasting on carrots, the #hippo was apparently disappointed by the small turnout. ("Bronx Hippo Sulks on 34th Birthday.")" By nytimes on Instagram.

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