Saturday, May 21, 2016

“In 1838, the top Catholic university in the U.S. needed...

"In 1838, the top Catholic university in the U.S. needed money. So, 2 of the school's early presidents, Jesuit priests, organized the sale of 272 slaves to help secure the future of what is now @georgetownuniversity. With the help of a genealogist, @nytimes confirmed the ancestry of several readers who suspected their ancestors were among those slaves. Rochell Sanders Prater, 55, is one descendent. Nobody in her family really talked about slavery when she was growing up, though, so it wasn't until Rochell read the story that she learned more about her roots.Her great-grandfather, Jackson Hawkins, was about 3 in 1838 when his family was sold. As her family history sunk in, Rochell said, she felt shock. But she wasn't angry. "I've been going to meetings with a white friend of mine; we're talking about racism and trying to bring blacks and whites together. … I don't want to talk anymore. I don't want to have a dialogue about it. I want us to do something." @andyspear took this picture of Rochell holding a family photo. Her father, pictured at left in glasses. #nytweekender" By nytimes on Instagram.

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