Tuesday, May 10, 2016

“It sounded like something that might be more fun to read...

"It sounded like something that might be more fun to read about than to observe: 2,000 pigeons swooping over the @bklynnavyyard, illuminating the sky with LED lights. "But on Thursday, the pigeons taught everyone on hand quite a bit about their intelligence, their ability to collaborate with earthbound beings and their beauty when airborne," writes @nytimes art critic Roberta Smith. The piece, "Fly By Night," was commissioned by @creativetimenyc and choreographed by the artist @dukerileystudio, who has been around #pigeons since he was a child. The effectiveness of "Fly by Night" — which @bysmith120 photographed for @nytimes — showcased the artist's bond with the birds. But it was the silence that was most striking. "Somewhat like trees, but more mysteriously, they seemed to make visible the wind's movements," Roberta wrote of the #pigeons in flight. "They also created a soundless music heard with the eyes, a Beethovian swirl of melodies and themes." #FlyByNight will be performed on weekend evenings through June 12. #🐦" By nytimes on Instagram.

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