Wednesday, May 11, 2016

“It’s not rare to find a Renaissance or medieval Madonna...

"It's not rare to find a Renaissance or medieval Madonna painted in the churches found near the eastern boundary of Tuscany. But the Madonna del Parto is unique as a work of art, as well as for the mystery that surrounds it. The artist Della Francesca, now regarded as a titan of the Renaissance, is thought to have painted the fresco in the 1450s, possibly in only 7 days. Its status as a masterpiece is not disputed. What is: almost everything else. For decades, the Madonna has been entangled in a distinctly Italian bureaucratic standoff. The contested issue is how and where the fresco should be displayed. There has been litigation. There have been government committees. There have been TV specials. What there has not been, though, is a conclusive, accepted answer to a central question: Who owns the Madonna? @urielsinai took this photo of a cemetery on the property of a church where the Madonna was once displayed in Monterchi, Italy." By nytimes on Instagram.

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