Friday, May 27, 2016

“Newcomers to #Harlem say gentrification is about wealth,...

"Newcomers to #Harlem say gentrification is about wealth, not race. But that's a distinction without a difference, Michael Henry Adams writes in a @nytimes opinion piece. "In the moment, laughing, drinking and dancing together, it seems marvelous," he writes. "This Harlem, this is what New York is supposed to look like, to be like. Only, most of us know that our fun times together are doomed." Harlem residents: What does the neighborhood mean to you? Using the hashtag #MyHarlemNYT, post a photo of something you think symbolizes Harlem, such as a mural, storefront or intersection. In the caption, tell us what makes your image significant. Remember: We're looking for photos you took yourself. For inspiration, consider this photo @josephmlopez took of "Invisible Man: A Memorial to Ralph Ellison," a sculpture by Elizabeth Catlett, in Riverside Park earlier this month." By nytimes on Instagram.

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