Thursday, May 5, 2016

“Paper or plastic? Either way you answer, it could soon...

"Paper or plastic? Either way you answer, it could soon cost you 5 cents in New York City, where the city council is set to vote today on a fee for single-use paper and plastic bags. Under the proposed bill, retail, grocery and convenience stores, as well as some street vendors, would be required to charge a nickel a bag. The merchants, not the city, would pocket the money. Liquor stores, food carts selling prepared food, and restaurants packaging takeout orders would be exempt, as would customers paying with food stamps. On average, New Yorkers throw out 20 bags a person every week. That's 9.37 billion bags a year. For the city, that means about $12.5 million spent annually to dispose plastic and paper bags. Last week in Queens, @bryanthomasphoto captured one of the many plastic bags that had yet to make it to the garbage heap. #nytoday" By nytimes on Instagram.

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