Monday, May 2, 2016

“Since 2014, members of the Bambote ethnic group in the...

"Since 2014, members of the Bambote ethnic group in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been at war with another group, the Luba. The conflict, they say, was set off by an extramarital affair. Now, these 2 members of the Bambote — who were photographed by @samuel_aranda13 — are hiding with hundreds of others inside an abandoned cotton factory deep in the forest. They spend their days making cooking fires or sitting quietly on the concrete factory floor. Dressed in rags, they stare into space, next to rusted iron machinery that hasn't turned for decades. They're victims of one of the obscure little wars that Congo seems to have a talent for producing. The biggest country in sub-Saharan Africa, #Congo become a tangle of miniwars. Fragmentation. Factionalization. Decay. Ungoverned space. Ungovernable space. These are the terms used by aid workers and academics to describe the country today. And it'll likely get worse." By nytimes on Instagram.

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