Thursday, May 26, 2016

“Since last year, more than a million Middle Eastern...

"Since last year, more than a million Middle Eastern migrants risked their lives crossing the Aegean Sea on flimsy boats to reach Greece. Nearly 60% of migrants landed on Lesbos, thrusting a quiet vacation island into newspaper headlines. The majority of Lesbos' residents received the recent arrivals with almost bottomless generosity. Islanders call it philoxenia, Greek for "love of the other," but their hospitality has come at a price: Summer tourism bookings are down about 70%. Potential tourists fear spending their vacation near refugee camps. They are making a mistake. Lesbos remains an enchanting getaway. And residents say this is a perfect time to visit. Vacationers should not feel as if they are being callous about a pleasure trip to a place still dealing with the migrant influx, residents say, because they would provide vital support to an economy doubly strained by a collapse in tourism and Greece's financial crisis. @sw_photo captured these octopus tentacles hanging to dry near Skala Sikaminias, a small fishing village on the northern tip of Lesbos. #🐙" By nytimes on Instagram.

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