Sunday, May 8, 2016

“Tessellated Pavement State Reserve, Tasmania | May 8,...

"Tessellated Pavement State Reserve, Tasmania | May 8, 2016
Epic long day with the #tasmanmeet that ended with a trip to the iconic Tessellated Pavement. What is it you ask?
This rare geological phenomenon that occurs on an area of flat rock looks distinctly manmade, but is in fact, formed by natural causes.
Tessellated Pavement is so called because the rocks here have fractured into polygonal blocks that appears tessellated or tiled. The flatness of the pavement is due to initial erosion by waves carrying sand and gravel, or by chemical action by sea water. The rocks which absorb sea water during high tide dry out during low tide causing salt crystals to grow and disintegrate the rocks - a process which produces shallow basins.

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