Wednesday, May 18, 2016

“The way A J Jackson tells it, he kept his head down and...

"The way A J Jackson tells it, he kept his head down and pretended to fiddle with his cellphone as he walked into the boys' bathroom at Green Mountain Union High School, a rural school of 300 students in Chester, Vermont. But the way some of his classmates see it, A J was still Autumn Jackson, a girl in boys' clothing. A complaint about the 16-year-old's visit to the bathroom set off a protest by students advocating the right of their #transgender classmate to use the bathroom he wanted to use. On Thursday, the schools superintendent announced that transgender students would be allowed to use the sex-specific bathroom of their choice, rather than being encouraged to use a gender-neutral bathroom. But then, this week, students wearing T-shirts with the words "Straight Pride" led a counterprotest. @hlswift photographed A J, left, at home with his friend Anileah Buswell and his pet duck, Bernie." By nytimes on Instagram.

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