Friday, May 20, 2016

“@yeongimage took this photo looking down from the rooftop...

"@yeongimage took this photo looking down from the rooftop of the Hawthorne Court, a 14-building apartment complex with an expansive landscaped backyard in Jackson Heights, Queens. After a battle that lasted about a decade, residents here can at last — get this — walk on the grass. The 140-unit co-op was one of the last holdouts among a distinctive group of residences in this historic district of north-central Queens to lift a strict grass-walking ban. For years, many co-ops mandated that the backyard be reserved for quiet contemplation. Reading a book or strolling the grounds was allowed so long as residents kept off the grass and stuck to designated walkways and benches. The lawn was not to be disturbed. But over the last decade, a new wave of buyers moved in, bringing different ideas about how the gardens should be used. #🌳" By nytimes on Instagram.

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