Thursday, May 5, 2016

““You guys ever feel like sleeping all day?” There was...

""You guys ever feel like sleeping all day?" There was @justinbieber, laying flat at center stage at @barclayscenter in Brooklyn last night, eyes fixed on the ceiling. "That's me all the time," he continued. "This morning, I hit my snooze button 7 times, like, 'Don't wake me up!'" You'd think a teen-pop #heartthrob would happily take to the stage of a major New York venue. But @justinbieber wore isolation like a heavy shroud throughout this concert, his first of 2 in Brooklyn. As his Beliebers cheered him on and @chadbatka photographed him for a @nytimes review, @justinbieber told all of them (twice) how much he missed the comfort of his bed. The Beliebers screamed even louder. "Maybe they didn't hear him," writes @joncaramanica. "Maybe no one really hears him." Follow @joncaramanica to see videos from last night's #JustinBieber show." By nytimes on Instagram.

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