Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Sopranos and Zosyn

(I should create a section dedicated to email postings via Treo while on weekend call.)

In a recent Sopranos episode, Tony is shot by his uncle with Alzheimer's and is in septic shock in the intensive care unit. Meadow, his daughter, knows a bit about medicine from shadowing doctors in Columbia's ICU, so she asks the attending surgeon -- who's a bastard, and is perfectly written and acted -- which antibiotic Tony is on. "Zosyn," he replies, and walks away.

My first thought was, "Good choice."

My second thought was, "I wonder if Zosyn payed for that?"

My third thought was, "Someone, somewhere, is going to request Zosyn because they saw it on The Sopranos..."


Anonymous said...

Heh; I like the way you think. ;) I suppose that Wyeth Pharm had something to do with it; otherwise, the surgeon could have said "pip-tazo" or, to keep with the medicalese, piperacillin-tazobactam". (I personally like saying "pip-tazo", but that's just me.)

Anonymous said...

Maria, I like "pip-tazo", too. But ain't there a nationwide shortage of Zosyn? That's what the PharmD's have been telling us. My hospital ran out of it a month ago.