Thursday, May 11, 2006

Via Intueri, "Modern Cinderella Story"

Via Maria again, because often her writing demands to be linked:
Modern Cinderella Story. Musings while doing my laundry: What if, instead of the lost glass slipper, a man finds a solitary, obviously feminine sock in the dryer in the communal laundry room? And perhaps there is something alluring about this sock (fascinating print? delicate stripes? interesting color scheme?) and this causes him to try to find the (beautiful, stunning, whatever) owner of this sock? Or should he already know who the owner of the sock is? And then he lingers about her apartment, trying to figure out how not to look like a total freak with her sock?

Then I mused: What if, instead of a lost sock, it was urine in a specimen cup? Something about the urine—its golden hue, the positive test for methamphetamine and opiates, the clumpy, dark sediment settling to the bottom—makes him want to learn who produced this urine? But the specimen cup wasn’t labeled. But somehow, in this plot line, the woman who produced this urine is The One, so he must use what scientific resources he has available to find the woman who possesses the kidneys that produced this liquid gold….

Keeping my day job. Right.
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Anonymous said...

Oh, you flatter me. ;)

And I figured you'd be all over the urine specimen bit. You nephrologists are all the same. ;)

Anonymous said...