Thursday, September 27, 2007

Maria from Intueri

This week met Maria, who writes Intueri, the best-written medical weblog. (So of course, she blogged it.)
Since my last entry, I

am still alive
. Just to be clear.

met Joshua Schwimmer, a nephrologist (kidney doctor) who writes at Kidney Notes, Healthline, and The Efficient MD, in addition to his clinical research publications. He managed to spare some time away from writing to meet me for dinner (after we stood in line in the behemoth Apple Store, where Joshua deftly picked up two potential patients at the cash register. Yeah, Apple apparently sells iPatients now.) I also met his adorable French bulldog, Jack, who is well-trained (Joshua is a budding behaviorist) and was definitely the center of attention for the entire evening. In fact, the following is the snapshot moment I have in my mind from meeting him: He and Jack racing back and forth across the smooth tiles in the lobby of his building, expressions of joy on both of their faces.

Joshua is smart. And enthusiastic about many things. And offered lush praise about my writing. (What can I say? The man’s got good taste.)

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You kill me!

(Just don't go around telling people about the fact that I'm really an old, white man.)