Friday, September 6, 2013

sherpaa: Late last week, we launched a dream of mine in the...


Late last week, we launched a dream of mine in the Sherpaa app. I’m so proud of our team and the concept.

There are about 1.4 billion doctor visits in America every year. These happen in doctor offices in 10 minute or less increments and research suggests that patients forget 85% of what their doctor says during the visit. There are plenty of reasons for this. Most people don’t take notes. They’re stressed or sick. Their doctor is using jargon. You know the deal.

That means, every year in America, there are 11.9 billion wasted minutes spent forgetting what doctors say.

I think this is so stupidly inefficient and ineffective. When you leave your doctor’s office, you need to know everything that was said and have a crystal clear understanding of your situation and exactly what you need to do next. 

That’s what we’ve built. Once our Sherpaa doctors have made a diagnosis, you see:

  • the entire conversation
  • the diagnosis
  • what labs you need to get
  • what medications to take and where to pick them up
  • which specialist to see and how to make an appointment with them
  • things to watch out for

And in the near future, you’ll see:

  • Our favorite links for you to peruse for more information
  • Our favorite apps to use to help track your health specific to that condition

It’s very exciting and honestly a dream come true for me. Crystal clear communication with your doctor. Instead of only understanding 15% of your conversation with your doctor, you’ll understand 100%. That’s not an incremental, nice-to-have. That’s a revolution. 

I’m sorry about the image resolution. Seems like a tumblr limitation so click through to see it in all its full non-blurry glory.

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