Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What's on my Treo 650

The Treo 650 is my only phone. I recently upgraded from the Treo 600 because I had to replace it four times.

These are programs which may be of special interest to nephrologists, nephrology fans, or internal medicine docs.

  • Adobe Reader: Can read lots of things now.

  • Avantgo: Indispensable. Channels are New York Times Front Page, Book Reviews, Business, Technology, Arts, International; American Medical News; PCWORLD.COM; and Salon.

  • DatavizTech: The only purpose of this program is moving DocsToGo to your memory card to save space.

  • DateBk5: Because the supplied calendar program is too clunky.

  • DocsToGo: Primarily for arcane spreadsheets.

  • Epocrates: Originally I used MobilePDR but it developed hotsyncing problems so I switched. I like knowing drug prices.

  • eReader: I don't read books on paper anymore if I can help it.

  • FileZ: In case you need to do something like delete all the corrupted files of VersaMail.

  • hblogger: Because I liked the interface better than mo: blog's.

  • HoliDates2: So I put the dates in. Now what?

  • Life Balance: "The word processor of to do lists." Or something.

  • MedCalc: Almost all the formulas I need.

  • PowerRUN: Because of that annoying 650 memory issue that makes Treo users want to kill Palm.

  • Snappermail: VersaMail is very, very, very buggy.

  • Statcoder.com: Everything on this page.

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