Sunday, April 10, 2005

Searching for Nike Subway Ad, "Tag"

I've been searching for a copy of the following poster ad that appeared in the New York City subways in 2001 - 2002. If anyone has a source I'd be grateful. The text of the ad is worth reading anyway. The ad goes like this:
"Tag" is a complex game involving many complexities. Someone must first be "it." Once that is decided this temporary pariah tries to tag someone else, using stealth, speed, resourcefulness, and predatory instincts to transfer his or her "it-ness" to the other person. You can only tag someone with your hands. So if someone who is "it" tags you (with his or her hand) then you become "it" and they are no longer "it." They are free of "it" and can return to normalcy. You cannot immediately transfer your "it-ness" back to the person who was just "it," because there are no 'tag-backs' in Tag. The only way to lose is if you're one of the last two people in earth and are tagged by the other person. (Remember, no 'tag-backs.') However, it is conceivable to procreate with this person and tag the offspring.

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