Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Runaway Bride Hyperthyroid?

See the updated post here.

The "runaway bride" (Jennifer Wilbanks) has many of the physical findings of hyperthyroidism and Graves' disease (goiter and exophthalmos). I'm a little surprised that more comments haven't been made about this. (There's a brief reference to her thyroid disease by someone who knows her may know her on this page.) If she was hyperthyroid, this might also provide an explanation for her behavior.

Addendum: I'm not certain from reading the linked post whether it was written by someone who knows her or is just speculating. Also, in the last week a handful of other people have suggested she might have hyperthyroidism too.


Carl Starrett said...

That picture is hilarious. I bet USA Network is already casting for a made-for-tv movie.

Test said...

Good point. Hyperthyroidism might be a contributing factor, but it isn't an excuse. Whether it has anything to do with what she did might be up to a court to decide, if she is charged, which seems increasingly likely.

No BS said...

Whoop. whoop, whoop...It's a goiter!