Saturday, May 14, 2005

Stagecoach Hit And Run in New York City

From 1010 Wins Radio:

(NEW YORK) The wild West Side of Manhattan became Dodge City for a pair of horses turned loose in traffic Friday when a hit-and-run truck driver flipped a 120-year-old stagecoach onto its side, sending the runaway equines on an unscheduled jaunt across town.

The unlikely cross-century collision occurred around 10 a.m. on West 14th Street as the vintage Wells Fargo stagecoach from Chateau Stables was heading to a promotional appearance in Union Square, said Dave Sansoucie, a spokesman for the stables.

A passing truck hit the coach as it was heading east, metal crunching into wood, sending the coach's driver flying and flipping the vintage vehicle onto its side. Princess and Hero, the horses pulling the coach, were able to escape without injury when the accident occurred, Sansoucie said.

Suddenly liberated from work, the two horses continued heading east on a sunny spring morning. One was grabbed by a transit police officer about four blocks away on 13th Street and Fifth Avenue, while the other was taken into custody at 14th and Sixth, police said...

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