Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hilarious Journal Articles #37: Food buying habits of people who buy wine or beer: a cross sectional study

From the British Medical Journal:
Objective To investigate whether people who buy wine buy
healthier food items than those who buy beer.
Design Cross sectional study.
Setting Supermarkets in Denmark.
Data Information on number, type of item, and total charge
from 3.5 million transactions over a period of six months.
Results Wine buyers bought more olives, fruit and vegetables,
poultry, cooking oil, and low fat cheese, milk, and meat than
beer buyers. Beer buyers bought more ready cooked dishes,
sugar, cold cuts, chips, pork, butter or margarine, sausages,
lamb, and soft drinks than wine buyers.
Conclusions Wine buyers made more purchases of healthy
food items than people who buy beer.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've been good so far and not pestered you, although I read your posts daily, but I've just got to comment on this one.

In our home, we don't buy any prepared meals (frozen entrees, box mixes, etc.) ... however, none of us drink wine.

We have a huge vegetable garden in the summer, which provides the greater part of our veggies all winter long, and we just love things like olives, fruit ... cheeses ... large cuts of meat (for stews, etc.) ...

But ... we also like beer. :o)

Any sugar we buy goes into the occasional (from scratch) pie I make, or into the buckets of coffee which we also enjoy (two 30 cup urns going each day.) The only chips we get are for making nachos (corn chips) ... to use with our home made "11 pepper" salsa.

Methinks the study is a bit skewed ... ;-)