Saturday, September 16, 2006

In iTunes 7, Podcasts no Longer Play Sequentially

I listen to 60 podcasts on my iPod Nano during my commute (mostly the New York Times and NPR). The old version of iTunes allowed you to play all podcasts as a group by choosing "genres: podcasts" -- this allowed you to easily skip ones that were uninteresting. However, in iTunes 7, podcasts can only be played one at a time, and switching podcasts requires laboriously selecting each from the menu.

I would suggest *not* switching from iTunes 6 to 7 if you listen to podcasts sequentially until this problem is fixed.

Does anyone have a workaround for this problem?

Update: The problem was fixed by going to the iPod Summary tab and clicking "Restore." ("If you are experiencing problems with your iPod, you can restore its original settings by clicking restore.") Thanks for everyone who offered suggestions.

Update: Setting the "shuffle" setting to "albums" or "songs" also appears to prevent podcasts from playing sequentially.

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Anonymous said...

Could you create a playlist of your podcasts, or do they not show up in your library anymore?

Test said...

Even when creating a playlist of podcasts, the iPod seems to only play one podcast. (Playlists of music, on the other hand, can be played sequentially.) Podcasts seem to be handled differently.

Anonymous said...

This seems to work - Create a smart playlist with match the rule: "Podcast", "is", "true"