Sunday, October 7, 2007

Doctors and Medical Students on Twitter

I'm surprised more physicians and medical students don't use Twitter. It's a useful tool — for example, see the sidebar of this blog, this post on Medicine 2.0, and this post on Clinical Cases and Images.

Update: To improve performance, I'm transferring the Doctors on Twitter feed to the Doctor's Room on FriendFeed. Please visit, and join the room. If you're a doctor or medical student, please
  1. Click on "Share Something."
  2. Click "Import your stuff."
  3. Import your Twitter feed, blog feed, etc.
The following is a list of doctors and medical students on Twitter:If you'd like to add your name to the list, please post a comment.

Read about the Doctors on Twitter Feed here.


Dr.Uri Ginzburg said...

Thanks for mentioning my post in your blog.

Even in my last post i mentioned twitter again, when i covered the "new age" of outpatients clinic

Anonymous said...

I just joined Twitter to try it out. My name is "drval."

Anonymous said...

I blog for an academic center focused the topic of health disparities.

My twitter address is:

The Happy Hospitalist said...

count me in


(no "t" on the end, ran out of space)


gdbaby said...

Add me to the list: Gdbaby