Friday, October 19, 2007

Wow, their Radiation Detectors are Sensitive

Just saw a patient who relayed this story. She was buying coffee at Starbucks at Newark Airport. Two homeland security personnel were standing next to her when the suddenly glanced at each other, then at her. The radiation alarm on their hips had gone off. "Have you recently had a nuclear stress test of the heart?" they asked. "Why yes," she answered, "...three days ago."


Dr. J. said...

That's not unusual. We will write a letter for a patient who is traveling up to 10 days after a nuke, just so they don't have to be hassled.

Test said...

Fascinating. I expected a day at most. I don't think it's common knowledge among non-cardiologists that it lasts that long, and I don't know if most cardiologists write notes for their patients.

Dr. J. said...

I'm not most cardiologists... ;)

Our nuclear nurses (administering the radioisotope) take a future travel history as part of their patient education prior to administration of radioisotope. If someone is traveling, their doctor is more than happy to write a letter (e.g. their secretary writes a letter and they sign it).