Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Medical Blogosphere Tag Cloud

From This Week in the Medical Blogosphere:
The subset of medical blogs, the "medical blogosphere," has been created by a growing number of physicians, nurses, students, patients, scientists, social workers, administrators, engineers, IT professionals, consultants, and many other people involved in health care. One way of seeing at a glance what people are talking about is the Medical Blogosphere Tag Cloud, an abstraction of the most common keywords from medical blogs.
I've lately been interested in the abstraction and visual representation of information from blogs. (A post on visualizing visitor traffic is here.)

A tagcloud is an abstraction of keywords from a site or feed, and the size of each keyword in the cloud is proportional to its frequency. Tagclouds allow you to see at a glance what people are talking about. As an experiment, I've used, a site that allows the creation of continuously updated tagclouds from feeds, to create a tagcloud of all the medical blogs in my blogroll. A small tagcloud of medical blogs is at the top of the home page. A larger tagcloud of the top 250 keywords of the medical blogosphere is here. (If you aren't in my blogroll and would like to be added to this tagcloud, please email kidneynotes [at]

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