Monday, September 12, 2005

On Call 2

An otherwise healthy 30 year old man presents with nausea and fatigue for 2
weeks. He is found to have a BUN of 172, a creatinine of 13, and an albumin
of 4. His urinalysis reveals 3+ protein (quantified at 400 mg per day) and
many RBCs. There is no lower extremity edema. He is nonoliguric.

What is the likeliest diagnosis?

1. HIV associated nephropathy
2. ANCA associated glomerulonephritis
3. Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
4. Urinary tract obstruction
5. Minimal change disease

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Test said...

2. ANCA associated glomerulonephritis.

Anonymous said...

Where's the hematuria?

Test said...

"...many RBCs [red blood cells]."

Anonymous said...

Doh! I must learn to read.