Saturday, September 10, 2005

Visualizing Visitor Traffic

  • VisitorVille, which displays website visitors as animated characters in a virtual city. For example, if you came to this page from Google, a bus with the Google logo would travel to a building representing this page. (Not quite a stepped scarlet pyramid, but hey.)
  •, a free site tracker with statistics and graphs.
  •, a service which displays visits on a Google world map.
  • Mapstats, another service which displays visits on a Google map and provides detailed statistics.
  • ClustrMaps, an alternative system that displays visits on a map.
  • Site Meter's World Map of Visitors, another system which displays visits on a map which is updated frequently.
Thanks to those who wrote in. Additional suggestions are welcome.

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Unknown said...

You should try our service: MapStats

David Smith said...

And another for your list, Site Meter's World Map of Visitors.

Anonymous said...

Excellent collection of interesting services (I represent ClustrMaps): I'd be interested to hear more detailed opinions from you about how you see the pros and cons of each. For example, some provide better maps, while others (like, ahem ClustrMaps) are aimed at massive scaleability.

Would be great to have a detailed 'shootout' comparison!!!

All the best...