Tuesday, April 17, 2012

jayparkinsonmd: Last night I was walking Buddy through McCarren...


Last night I was walking Buddy through McCarren Park as we always do every night. Surprisingly, there weren’t too many people out that fine evening. And I see one guy walking towards me. It’s around midnight. As he gets closer, I see it’s Omar— Obama’s favorite Omar. And he walks right up to me and starts up a conversation about Buddy. I mentioned that we were both speakers at this TED talk down in DC a few months ago. He missed mine. I missed his, unfortunately. We talked about how absurd life is. How one day you’re nobody and the next the whole world will pay anything just to hear you speak. You’ve just got to always be looking for the opportunities to create and design your own life.

And when we parted ways, I said it was good to meet you. He said, “Indeed,” and gave me a wink.

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Jay Parkinson meets the actor who plays Omar from the Wire. Finally.

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