Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More on DRM and ebooks

More on DRM and ebooks:
It’s my belief that today’s e-ink ebook read­ers are doomed to obso­les­cence with­in a short peri­od — 2-3 years pos­si­bly, 5 years prob­a­bly. This is because the power con­sump­tion of LCD dis­plays is drop­ping and their qual­i­ty is ris­ing. e-ink devices are inher­ent­ly inca­pable of dis­play­ing video, are lousy as web browsers due to the screen refresh time, and if you use them to play audio or do any inten­sive pro­cess­ing (such as run­ning apps) their bat­tery life drops towards that of a reg­u­lar LCD-equipped tablet. They’re essen­tial­ly single-purpose devices, com­pet­ing in a mar­ket with general-purpose devices. Their only advan­tages are bat­tery life and read­abil­i­ty in direct sun­light, both of which are under threat. So it’s my belief that gen­er­al pur­pose tablets (and big-screen smart­phones) will drive e-ink read­ers out of the mass mar­ket with­in 2-5 years, just as smart­phones killed off your 2003 Palm Pilot.

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