Friday, April 6, 2012

Minecraft Maker’s Next Game: Hard-Core Space Sim

Minecraft Maker’s Next Game: Hard-Core Space Sim:

The game is titled 0×10C, though Persson is not quite ready to explain to anyone how to pronounce that. According to Persson, the name is kind of a riddle, though he did hint at the answer by asking via Twitter, “What happens if you try to read a 64 bit representation of 1 in a 16 bit system, but you get the endianness wrong?” The reference to 16-bit computers is a tie-in to one of the major themes of the game, which starts in an alternate universe version of the year 1988, where the space race never ended and humans kept climbing higher into the heavens. However, a programming glitch has caused some space travelers to stay cryogenically frozen for 281,474,976,710,644 years (instead of the planned single year). This is the way of explaining why everyone in the game is still using space ships with 1980s computers technology, even though it is the far distant future.

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