Friday, October 14, 2005

Controversy about Source of Legionnaires' Disease in Toronto

A previous post about Legionnaires' Disease at Columbia University Medical Center along with Dr. Yu's response is here. From
A U.S. expert is disputing speculation that a rooftop air conditioning unit may be the source for a deadly legionnaires' disease outbreak at a Toronto nursing home.

It's unlikely the air conditioning system is the cause of the outbreak that has killed 17 people, Dr. Victor Yu told CTV News on Friday.

"Everyone suspects the air-conditioning system, everyone suspects the cooling tower, but over time, it will turn out to be the drinking water in the facility," said Yu, a legionnaires' expert at the University of Pittsburgh.

"Before any of your viewers panic -- legionnella has been with us for years, and we've all drank legionnella in the water, but almost all of us are immune..."
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