Friday, October 7, 2005

"Suffering from infectious disease- My doctor denies it."

As a follow up to the last posting: the Medscape discussion boards are unbelievable.
Suffering from infectious disease- My doctor denies it.

Topic created Jul 27, 2005 by suffering
I am a 26 year old male, who for the past 3 years has been suffering from a rare infectious disease. For a long time i never understood why i was always tired and could not eat or do activities that i used to be able to do.

Two and a half years ago, i started dating a girl and she started to complain of problems swallowing, frequent frontal headaches, redness in eyes, tiredness, lack of appetite, stomach pain, cracking in joints when she moved, foul smell in mouth esp. in morning, sleeping all the time, phlegm in throat and many other symptoms that were similar to mine. This prompted me to look into the idea that whatever i was suffering from i had transmitted to her. I was so sure of my suspicion that i went to my doctor and informed him. He told me that i was just stressed and was thinking something that was not there.

I continued to suffer from that illness for about six months as i dated this girl ( my greatest worry was that she was sick because of me and there was nothing i could do). I even went to an infectious disease specialist who didn't do much except a couple of tests and told me that i was fine and need not worry myself as i was in good health.

I continued to suffer. After some months i met a girl that i was interested in but was afraid to get her sick. We became friends and talked and by mistake/ something happened she kissed me and i kissed her back. The next day as i talked to her, she told me that her stomach felt funny. A day or two later, she was complaining of headaches and a week later she stated that she was feeling tired and sleepy all the time.

I have no one to turn to, please help as i have suffered too long and do not want any other innocent person to be in my same situation.


An_1230955 - 02:42am Aug 6, 2005 (#3 of 8)
Yours is an unfortunate condition. But you are not alone. Unfortunately, though, Western Medicine cannot help you.

You must eschew female companionship for now. And turn to the powers of Schlatzkin. You can find her on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan in a forgotten town of Belomini, west of Peshawar. If you pay your guide 1000 Rupees and tell him the name of Schlatzkin, he will lead you to the Sacred One who will ask you to wear the Enchanted Goat Fleece. This will, God willing, end your suffering and cure your dreaded disease.

Bring the purest quartz crystal you can find. It will enhance the powers of the Fleece...
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