Monday, November 28, 2005

Cleveland Clinic Offers Second Opinions Via The Internet ("My Consult" from the "E-Cleveland Clinic")

From The Washington Post:
"My Consult" is a Web-based second opinion service offered by e-Cleveland Clinic, the facility's Internet service. Patients who have received a diagnosis of any of more than 600 life-threatening or life-altering conditions can request an electronic consultation with a Cleveland Clinic doctor. For $565, a physician provides a written second opinion and a treatment recommendation -- all within five to seven working days of receiving a completed request.
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Anonymous said...

Washington Post has a new feature called "Who's Blogging?" with links to bloggers who posted about the article. KidneyNotes is listed in this Technorati-powered section.

Anonymous said...

Can I get this as a rotation if I do an elective "at" cleveland clinic? If so, can I do it at home in Nashville?

You can't beat giving 2nd opinions while wearing fuzzy bunny slippers and sipping coffee.

Virtual Doc the way of the future!