Monday, November 14, 2005

Paying for Dialysis

From Nathan's PKD:
I had to call my previous insurance company this morning. I was covered by this company from August 2005 – mid-October 2005. The dialysis clinic was out-of-network for this insurance, so my total out-of-pocket expenses should be $4000. Now, I understood this amount, and can accept it as company policy. However, I received a bill from the dialysis clinic on Saturday totaling over $16,000 in patient responsibilities (that’s me!). The bill is for 08/02/2005 – 09/29/2005 and came to $46,890.25. The insurance company is listed as paying $24,758.19 and writing off $6,089.52. This (supposedly) means that I have to pay $16,042.54. I called the insurance company and asked them (again) what an “out-of-pocket maximum” means. The agent told me that there most have been some mistake in the billing system and that they would look in to it. She also told me not to pay anything yet, as they are going to have to figure out what went wrong that kept them from stopping my bill at $4000. So, I will continue to go to dialysis and not pay them for the time being.
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