Friday, November 18, 2005

"Old News"

"Lead type on an antique Ostrander Seymour Co. press. The press is on permanent display in the lobby of the Bellingham Herald in Bellingham, Washington.

I've worked as a graphic designer at the Bellingham Herald since January 1998. Publishing and typesetting is the stuff of geeks today. In the days when this press was used, however, publishing certainly must have been for the strong. This hand-operated press is heavy. Operating it must have been a deeply exhausting and horribly tedious job.

It makes me glad I live in the age of digital publishing. I could not have made it back then.

I'll post a photo of the press itself later."

From Flickr. Uploaded by Smaragd  on 18 Nov '05, 12.07am PST.

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