Thursday, November 3, 2005

Nestle Patenting Nestec, A Fermented Coffee Beer

From New Scientist, via Slashdot:
For over 30 years, Barry Fox has trawled the world's weird and wonderful patent applications each week, digging out the most exciting, intriguing and even terrifying new ideas. His column, Invention, is available exclusively online.

Wall-beating bugging, Eyeball electronics, phone jolts, Personal crash alarm, Talking tooth, Shark shocker, Midnight call-foiler, Burning bullets, A music lover's dream, Magic wand for gamers, The phantom car, Phone-bomb hijacking, Shocking airport scans, Old tyres to printer ink and Eye-tracking displays.

A drink somewhere between coffee and beer could soon be on the menu. Nestec, part of the Nestle empire in Switzerland, has filed patents in every major market round the world on a "fermented coffee beverage" that pours and foams like beer, but smells of strong coffee and packs a concentrated caffeine kick...
Beer with caffeine is already on the market. See Beer Plus: Beer with Additives.

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